Job Details

: VisionRadar Software Architect
: AutoSar ( Vector AutoSAR Toolchain)
: Michigan


Research, design, deploy and delegate software architectures in an embedded real-time controller. The embedded controller will safely control and diagnose external devices, interface with a high-performance SoC and communicate on a standard vehicle CAN-FD network.  The software will be an AutoSAR architecture.

The Embedded Software Architect will lead a team by performing the following duties:

*        Decompose system requirements and system design elements into software requirements

*        Deliver software architectures based on decisions of multitasking, required interfaces, supplied vs. developed code, runtime services, and software layering

*        Consult a team of developers that implement software meeting ASIL B or higher safety standards, implementing diagnostics, assuring safe states, and following ISO-26262 engineering processes

*        Collaborate with hardware engineers to review, improve, implement and test hardware-software interface (HSI) requirements to control external hardware such as illuminators, cameras

*        Support configuration of AutoSAR or similar auto coders for both BSW and SwC elements, to generate code that meets requirements

o   Safety-partitioned architectures utilizing an MPU / MMU

o   AutoSAR port-based design rules and layering constraints

o   Configuring and tuning OS task priorities and runnable mapping to meet hard realtime requirements

*        Create and maintain off-target test harness methods for application-layer software, to ensure portability, integration testability, and exploit a stable (PC) environment during system development

*        Communicate software and systems design to a team of engineers using UML

*        Conduct formal process-driven reviews of software requirements, architecture, design and code; provide and respond to peer feedback professionally and judiciously

Position Requirements

*        Bachelor's degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science; 

*        7+ years of embedded real-time software implementation in C or C++, including review, standards-based static analysis, and integration test harness development;

*        5+ years of embedded software architectural design as part of an engineering process (SPICE, CMMI, V model, Waterfall, Agile)

*        3+ years on embedded software projects implementing a functional safety level of ISO 26262 ASIL-A or greater

*        Practical experience with cybersecurity vulnerabilities and best practices in embedded software 

*        Ability to demonstrate and assess proficiency in concepts of UML modeling, object-oriented design, data encapsulation, abstraction, coding standards, defensive programming, software layering, multi-processing and synchronization

*        A well-rounded experience in tracing, profiling and instrumenting embedded software to debug, measure performance and optimize.  Preferred toolchains are Lauterbach, GHS Probe, Xilinx Platform Cable and Visual Studio debugging.

*        Task automation in at least one scripting language, including Python, PERL, bash, others

*        Practical experience with automotive communication protocols including Ethernet, CAN-FD, network architectures, and diagnostics infrastructures

We are an Affirmative Action/EEO employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.