Job Details

: Process Modeler
: Agile Methodes
: Michigan

Job Description - Process Modeler: 

The 'Process Modeler' gathers and analyses information from a variety of sources (SMEs, Project Leads company documentation) to create business process models within the process modeling methodology framework, using JSS specific process model templates. In addition, the 'Process Modeler' may be expected to facilitate workshops, interviews, project management activities, and other necessary activities to gather and synthesize information into their process models. Also, the 'Process Modeler' will be expected to produce written documentation and procedures to support their models. 
* The Process Modeler gathers and analyses information from a variety of sources to create business process models within JSS.
* Gather the HMI requirements, design and architect the process landscape prior to developing the standard process navigator for the JSS Global Electronics Process
* Be innovative in developing a compact yet comprehensive user HMI that shall be compliant to ISO 15504 Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262 Functional Safety and ISO 21434 Cyber Security Standards besides a few other non-Electronics process standards such as Audit and Legal standards
* Evaluate several use case scenarios and alternate front page designs to architect an efficient process landscape that enhances the convenience and user experience
* Generic Quality template usage, structure, and metamodeling is required
* Serve as a modeling subject matter expert and point of contact to support functional and cross-functional stakeholders
* Translate subject matter expert and stakeholder discussion into process flows and procedures
* Facilitate the project management support of the development of Process Models
* Develop test strategies to ensure the consistency of the process work flows
* Learn and stay updated on process modeling methodology
* Design and develop process review and process escalation blocks in support of Process Change Control Board
* Collaborate with subject matter experts globally to ensure appropriate stakeholders are included in the development and revision of process models.
* Provide regular status updates to business customers to achieve goals and meet deadlines
* Work with PMT (Process, Methods & Tools) Team, to coordinate updates and upgrades to the process models
* Establish timelines and report regularly on progress, obstacles, and execution to the PMT Lead
* Facilitate, design, and develop employee training module for the usage of the JSS Process Modeling Tool
* Support internal and external Tools related quality initiatives
* Work with various Business Units to train and support in resolving Process Navigator environment conflicts/struggles
* Learn and refine how to use JSS process management system *
* Working knowledge of Jira and Confluence systems is a plus
* Ability to manage change requests in the Jira system for updating and maintaining the Process model architecture is a plus