Job Details

: Tool Designer III
: AutoCad,C#,C++ v.11-14,Manufacturing Engineering,Manufacturing Process Planning,Python
: Waterloo, IA

Job Title: Tool Designer III

Locations: Waterloo, Iowa



Description of the major duties performed in this job.

Works with cross functional teams to design new tooling.

Participates in multifunctional design review to understand the product design intention and manufacturing processes.

Provides consultation and recommendations to less experienced designers and engineers.

Participates in tooling construction problem solving efforts.

Designs and creates 3 Dimensional (3D) models of tooling components and assemblies with the direction of the manufacturing engineer and tooling design supervisor.


Execute the Tool Design process for assigned projects:

Review assigned work orders (WO)

Discuss WO with John Deere stakeholders to clarify any ambiguous details and confirm project scope

Design concept up to 20% of project scope

Review concept w/ John Deere stakeholders to verify direction/function until concept is approved

Complete design modeling o Review final design w/ John Deere stakeholders until design is approved (prior to detailing)

Complete design detailed drawings (including CAD geometry needed for manufacturing)

Notify John Deere Tool Design procurement when design is complete

Deliver build prints and review project with John Deere Tool Makers

Attend fit/function test with Tool Maker and ME present

Provide troubleshooting input as required

Update design to As Built prints Ongoing Expectations:

o Designs completed using Creo, Smart Assembly, PDM Link, UGS TeamCenter, AutoCAD, Ansys

o Complete required safety and ergonomics training

o Attend required John Deere staff meetings

o Update SAP with Electronic time entry, WO status updates

o Use PDM Link for CAD file storage-retrieval

o Use MS Outlook for email communication

o Transfer data securely via FileZilla or John Deere approved methods

o John Deere will provide necessary software training


Additional Tool Design related skillsets that will set you apart:

Programming experience: C++, Python, SQL

Project Manager experience

Supply Management/Purchasing