Job Details

: Data Science/Analytics Engineer
: Python,Tableau
: 4 - 10 Years
: Peoria, IL

Data Science/Analytics Engineer

Job Description

Data Science/Analytics Engineer collaborates with business and analytics leaders to generate insights and answer business questions by using analytics techniques such as advanced data visualization, statistical analysis, randomized testing, predictive modeling, forecasting, optimization, and/or machine learning.

Proposes innovative ways to look at problems by using these approaches on available enterprise data as well as customer third party data and information. Validates findings using experimental and iterative approaches. This level performs basic statistical analysis of low to moderately complex data from a single source, with heavy reliance on industry/standardized tools and existing models. Output is reviewed by higher-level Data Scientists or Analytics Manager for execution.

Roles and Responsibilities

*       Work with data sets and perform appropriate analytical methodology to provide insights and decision modeling for the business

*       Create and implement algorithms which manage the data to enable it to be analyzed in an efficient manner

*       Support the communication of derived insights, especially through appropriate visualization techniques

*       Support the identification of the required data sources and works with Data Engineer/or IT to implement methodologies to retrieve and use this data

*       Stays abreast of the latest appropriate analytical techniques and recommends these where needed

*       Explains implementation and usage in business terms

*       Applies analytical techniques to prospect for business insights and find patterns in data which could be valuable for the business

*       Develop, code, configure, test, and deploy solutions to support analytics users

*       Enable the Engineering Organization to quickly make informed business decisions by developing and/or automating reports, dashboards, metrics, and alerts.

*       Support, evaluate, and continually improve digital tools to maintain alignment with strategic goals of the business, while functioning within an agile framework

*       Mining information, building reports using visualization tools

*       Maintain a strong and collaborative working relationship with front-end application delivery teams and other relevant stakeholders and team members

*       Ensure reusability and efficiency in the design, build and support of analytics solutions

*       Evaluate and implement enhancement design solutions to improve cost, quality, and performance of Master Data software applications

*       Follow industry-standard agile software design methodology for development and documentation

*       Utilize your understanding of applications development environment, database, data management and infrastructure capabilities and constraints to deliver value to our customers

Experience/Skills required

*       Overall experience of 4-10 years of relevant IT experience as Data Scientist/Analytics Engineer who designed and developed data science and analytics solutions for enterprises

*       Should have Bachelors/master's degree in engineering discipline with computer science

*       Extensive background in data mining and statistical analysis

*       Able to understand various data structures and common methods in data transformation

*       Excellent pattern recognition and predictive modeling skills

*       Experience working with Amazon Web Services (RDS, S3, Lambda, etc.)

*       Experience with Python or Java development

*       Experience with visualization tools - PowerBI/Tableau

*       Complex SQL writing skills with SQL Server, SAS, HANA, DB2

*       Experience in analyzing and translating business requirements into technical solutions

*       Strong analytic skills with high attention to detail and accuracy

*       Data integration for ETL/ELT solutions

Good to have skills

*       AWS certification

*       Experience with Automated Testing software

*       Microservices concepts and tools

*       Experience with Apache Spark, Python Pandas,

*       DataBricks, or AWS Glue

*       Experience with Qlik/Attunity/DMS or data replication software

*       Understanding of Jenkins/Terraform/CloudFormation

*       Proven working experience with using Microsoft Power Platform

*       Knowledge of manufacturing execution and quality systems and processes